September 6, 11:30

Edh session on decent wage at the Convergences Forum

We are organising a session on decent wage on September 6, from 11:30 to 13:00 at the Convergences Forum. Its aim is to raise awareness among companies on this issue and to provide key elements of understanding.

With testimonials from companies, NGO and trade union representatives.

Registration to the Convergences Forum

June 20, 2019

Human Rights & SDGs – Launch of WBCSD CEO guide to Human Rights

This event, organised by the WBCSD, edh and Veolia, aimed to explore links between the Sustainable Development Goals and human rights: involvement of business leaders, corporate responsibility and opportunities, and companies' practices in this area. We could learn from testimonies of Veolia, Michelin, Schneider Electric and experts from Shift and Global Compact France. It was also the occasion to launch the "CEO Guide to human rights" developed by the WBCSD ad translated and adapted in French by edh.

Download the guide

June 2019

Study on enforcement of the French duty of vigilance law - analysis of vigilance plans 2018-2019

The purpose of this study is to analyse companies' practices in the second year since the adoption of the French law on the duty of vigilance. It also aims to identify challenges companies face in enforcing the law. It covers 83 vigilance plans published between early September 2018 and mid-June 2019.

Download the study

April 9, 2019

First trends of 2019 vigilance plans: edh session at Produrable

Our association presented the first results of our analysis of the vigilance plans published in 2019 at the Professional fair Produrable. This session aimed to present main trends in the interpretation and implementation of the law, as well as stakeholders' expectations and views on business practices.

With the testimonies of Laurent Lhopitallier, President of edh, Marie-Gabrielle de Drouas, in charge of E&S risk management at Société Générale and Sabine Gagnier, business and human rights advocacy officer at Amnesty International.

March 2019

Election of the association’s Bureau

Edh elected its new Bureau for 3 years ;  
- President : Laurent Lhopitallier (Sanofi)
- Vice-Presidents : Sarah Tesei (Vinci), Hélène Valade (Suez) & Pierre Mazeau (EDF)
- Secretary : Pierre Victoria (Veolia) 
- Treasurer : Emmanuelle BRU (BNP Paribas)

March 27, 2019

Edh speeches on the second anniversary of the duty of vigilance law

Our association has provided expertise on enforcement of the duty of vigilance law and implementation of vigilance approaches by companies during two events organised for the second anniversary of the law:

Symposium organised by Paris Dauphine University on the duty of vigilance of companies: speech by Charlotte Michon, our General Delegate, on companies’ practices: review of plans published in 2018 and practical challenges for companies.

Symposium organised at the National Assembly by the parliamentary working group on "multinationals and human rights": speech by our Vice-President Pierre Victoria on our vision of law enforcement by companies.

February 2019

Study: human rights & duty of vigilance in global framework agreements

Our study analyses links between human rights vigilance approaches and recent global framework agreements (2017-2019). It shows that global framework agreements have the same scope than vigilance approaches and are therefore useful tools for deploying these approaches: dissemination and commnication, identification of operational risks, monitoring, alerting and collection of reports. They are also, as instruments negociated with trade union organisations, a tool that allows stakeholders association with vigilance approaches.

Download the study (in French)

February 22, 08:30

Edh / Vigeo Eiris conference on companies’ human rights practices with a focus on the place of human rights in global framework agreements

We are organising an event in partnership with the rating agency Vigeo Eiris on French and international companies’ human rights practices on February 22nd, from 8:30 am to 10:30 am at Orange. It will be the occasion to present Vigeo Eiris' third study on companies’ human rights practices at the global level entitled "Human rights in a globalised world: why do companies need to pay more attention ?"

A particular focus will be made on our work on global framework agreements in companies, and how this tool can accompany human rights vigilance approaches.


Registration & programme

26 November 2018

Edh and its members will present the French law on the duty of vigilance at the annual Business and Human Rights Forum in Geneva

The Board and several edh members will be present at the annual Business and Human Rights Forum in Geneva on 26 November to present to French Law and its application by companies, with testimonies from Vinci, Orange and BNP Paribas.

The theme of this year's forum will be devoted to the responsability of companies to respect human rights through the implementation of vigilance measures.

Registration & program

October 17, 2018

World Forum in Lille: thematic lunch on the SDGs and CSR - speech by our Vice President Pierre Mazeau

Our Vice-President Pierre Mazeau speaks alongside Sylvain Boucherand, President of the CSR Platform, during a thematic lunch on the Sustainable Development Goals and CSR, at the annual world forum for a responsible economy in Lille.

More information on the forum

October 2018

UN report on corporate human rights due diligence: contribution of EDH

EDH is proud to have contributed to the UN report on corporate human rights due diligence "emerging practices, challenges and ways forward". Companion papers of this report elaborate on aspects of human rights due diligence and lessons from practice. 

All documents available here

September 4, 2018

Vigilance plans in the spotlight of the Convergences Forum! Two round tables organised and led by edh

Edh had the honour of co-organizing and facilitating two round tables on duty of vigilance law enforcement by companies, 1 year after its adoption.

- "One year since the adoption of the law: feedback on 2018 vigilance plans - Focus on human rights. How to ensure that companies share their experiences, to allow for an appropriation of practices? How to promote synergy between the different departments involved in vigilance plans’ implementation? How to ensure companies’ qualitative and quantitative human rights reporting?

Roundtable moderated by Charlotte Michon, edh General Delegate, with expert testimonials from Elsa Savourey, lawyer at Herbert Smith Freehills and Yann Queinnec from Affectio Mutandi; and feedback from companies: Sarah Tesei from Vinci, Cécile Rechatin from Société Générale, Alexandre Guinet from Essilor and Pierre Victoria from Veolia.

- "Vigilance plan: the challenges of alert and remediation mechanisms in companies. What legal requirements? What are the practices of companies? What criteria of effectiveness for the mechanisms? How to involve stakeholders in these mechanisms?

Roundtable moderated by Charlotte Michon, General Delegate of edh, with the testimonies of Antoine Heuty from Ulula, Farid Baddache from BSR, Isabel Lejeune-To from the CFDT, Stephanie Scouppe from ADP, Yves Nissim from Orange and Lucas Sebban from Compliances.

Synthesis of the discussions


July 4, 11:00

Webinar "duty of care and purchasing: analysis of published plans and early trends"

Following our study on the first vigilance plans, we presented our analysis on the purchasing and suppliers management aspects in a webinar organised by Ecovadis.

Webinar available here (in French)

April 25, 2018

ANALYSIS OF THE FIRST VIGILANCE PLANS Find now our first study on the application of the French law on the duty of vigilance.

The purpose of this study is to show the first trends in the application of the French law on
the duty of vigilance by the companies concerned and to identify application issues for the companies,
in order to accompany them in their approaches.
It is based on the analysis of the first plans published in the companies' reference documents (around sixty as of 13 April 2018) and on our feedback. The consulting firm B&L Evolution, an expert in supporting companies' CSR initiatives, contributed to the environmental aspect of the study.

18 April 2018

Testimonials from EDH member companies at the annual "Business and Human Rights" conference organised by the IOE

Join us to hear testimonies of edh members and other French companies on their human rights practices during the annual conference of the International Organisation of Employers organised this year in Paris, in collaboration with MEDEF. 


10-11 April 2018

Intervention of edh at the Sustain Forum organised by Ecovadis on the duty of vigilance

The President of EDH, Françoise Guichard, will be present at the annual Ecovadis forum to present the practices of companies with regard to the law on the duty of vigilance and feedback on the first vigilance plans published by companies. 

Registration and forum program here

27-29 November 2017

All the debates of the session organized by EDH at the International Forum "Business and Human Rights": to know everything about the French law on the duty of vigilance

 Our association had the chance to organize a session on the recent French law on the duty of vigilance of parent and ordering companies at the annual Geneva forum. Alongside the CSR Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the FIDH, several of our members testified about their practices to meet these new requirements. 

The video of the debates here

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November 2017

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