Edh has contributed to the work of the United Nations Special Representative for Business and Human Rights:

Collective call to support the conclusions of the Notat-Senard Report on Business and the general interest



The Notat Senard Report is an opportunity not to be missed to change the founding texts of the civil code defining the company, which can no longer be reduced to its economic dimension and which must reflect the collective project it embodies at the heart of Society. The co-signatories of this call, organizations and committed individuals, consider that the conclusions of the Notat Senard Report provide the basis for a necessary evolution of the idea of business in France and Europe, where old definitions no longer meet the need for openness and commitment expected by Society and already taken into account by many companies ; these recommendations call for legislative translation and appropriation by the widest possible economic community, including governance.

By placing "the company's own interest" beyond that of shareholders' alone, now integrating considerations of social and environmental issues through governance,
By opening up the possibility of acquiring a "purpose" associating social utility with the creation of economic value,
By opening the way to "companies with mission",
the Notat Senard Report brings recognition of business at the heart of Society, reinforcing dynamics of a market economy towards a more sustainable world.

The Report complements a growing share of investors' and CSR policies of pioneering groups' fundamental work undertaken around "sustainable finance", that have been seizing this model for several years; it echoes the collective expectations of employees, customers, suppliers and new generations in search of meaning and shared values in companies. It calls on corporate governance to fully take on its role in the sustainability of companies' projects and operation, taking into account its constituents' interests, shareholders and employees, and consulting other stakeholders through committees followed by Councils.
The Report creates the opportunity to see the development of a community of mission-based companies in France that is a lever for societal innovation and performance. As a consequence, the idea of business must be valued and legitimized, and CSR practices made more credible, to make global performance a benchmark in the market economy and inspire a European model that responds to current criticisms of excesses and opens a path of mutual enrichment between economic interests and general interest.

Signatory individuals and organizations propose, each in their filed, to work on the pedagody of this report, its implementation in companies, and to apply orientations in favor of an economy with a long term vision.

Signatories as of March 23, 2018 are :
Entreprise et Progrès (Denis Terrien), France Invest (Olivier Millet), Comité 21 (Bettina Laville), Forum pour l’Investissement Responsable (Alexis Masse), Terra Nova (Thierry Pech, Martin Richer), Fondation Jean Jaurès (Pierre Victoria), CJD (Olivier de Pembroke), C3D (Fabrice Bonnifet), Global Compact France (Gilles Vermot-Desroches), Entreprises pour les droits de l’Homme (Françoise Guichard), Entreprises à Mission (Emery Jacquillat), HEC S&O Paris Center (Rodolphe Durand), Sycomore-AM (Christine Kolb),  Alter Equity (Fanny Picard), EDC (Les Entrepreneurs et Dirigeants Chrétiens, Philippe Royer), ORÉE (Patricia Savin), Ecovadis (Sylvain Guyoton), IIRC (Philippe Peuch-Lestrade), Institut du Capitalisme Responsable (Caroline de La Marnière), Entrepreneurs d’Avenir (Jacques Huybrechts), Olivier Pagezy (Entreprises et Cités), Des Enjeux et des Hommes (Agnès Rambaud-Paquin, Thierry Conraud, David Roger), Lucie (Alan Fustec),  Académie Durable (Patrick d’Humières), Management Responsable 21 (Marine Champon), Entreprise Progressiste (André Coupet), Geneviève Férone, Jean-Michel Severino, Anne-Marie Idrac, Laurence Mehaignerie, Pascaline Peugeot de Dreuzy, Pierre Mazeau, Denis Metzger,  François Garreau, Sylvianne Villaudière, Olivier Mousson, Claude Fussler, Benedicte Faivre-Tavignot, Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic, Jean Moreau, Julien Rivals, Didier Livio, Eric Dugelay, Marie Georges, Armelle Weisman, Anita Devoisins (Investir & Plus), Christophe Audouin (Les Prés Rient Bio, Les Deux Vaches, Danone), Pascal Demurger (MAIF), Axel Dauchez (Make.org), Pierre-Emmanuel Grange (MicroDon), Blanche Segrestin (Mines Paris Tech), Laurence Grandcolas (My Sezame), Anne-France Bonnet (Nuova Vista), Isabelle Lescanne (Nutriset), Olivier Guilbaud (Science & Nature), Gildas Bonnel (Sidiese), Arnaud Burgot (Ulule), Elisabeth Laville (Utopies), Vianney Sauvage.

Edh is a member of the United Nations Global Compact

Our association has joined the United Nations Global Compact and is committed to supporting its ten principles, in particular those concerning human rights and labour standards. 
The United Nations Global Compact is a voluntary initiative bringing together businesses and UN agencies, labour and civil society to support ten universal principles in four key areas: human rights, international labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption. 
As a member of the Global Compact, edh is committed to communicating about and promoting the appropriate application of the principles and participating in Global Compact initiatives, working groups and networks. Membership is a part of the association’s partnership with the Global Compact in France.

Our communication on Progress
 (March 2015-March 2017) [in French]

For more informations: www.unglobalcompact.org/participant/51061-Entreprises-pour-les-droits-de-l-homme-edh

To promote the operational implementation of human rights in business

(document distributed as part of the consultation organized by MEDEF, the French employer federation, initiated by John Ruggie in October 2010)

The association is frequently invited to participate in conferences and expert panels to talk about business and human rights.