Web portal providing access to tools (Businesses & Human Rights Resource Center):

Tools are listed by topic (discrimination, supply chain, etc.), by sector and by function (policy, impact assessment, training, reporting, etc.). 

Global Compact website:

A wide range of tools and guides are available in the “Explore our Library” section. They address human rights (and labor standards) and are arranged by function: policies, risk assessment and impact assessment, stakeholder dialogue and engagement, training, reporting, grievance mechanisms, etc.

International Labour Organization Helpdesk:

The Helpdesk provides a list of practical questions & answers, resources and tools on topics related to the Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (MNE Declaration) to help businesses understand the essence and application of ILO standards: discrimination and equality, freedom of association and the right to organize, collective bargaining, wages and benefits, occupational health and safety, child labor, forced labor, etc. It also offers a free and confidential individual assistance service for company managers and workers.

"The corporate responsibility to respect human rights, an interpretative guide“

(United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, 2012):
This guide was written to provide further explanation of the UN Guiding Principles that relate to businesses and aims to support their operational implementation.

"Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum" (UNGC, Maplecroft, GE Foundation, 2009):

The aim of this forum is to help businesses understand and find solutions to the human rights dilemmas they encounter, especially in emerging countries. For each dilemma (such as fundamental rights at work, community relocation, access to water, freedom of religion, indigenous peoples’ rights, privacy, security forces, etc.), the forum presents the associated international standards, risks, case studies, practical suggestions and resources for businesses.