Entreprises pour les droits de l'homme: Businesses for human rights

Our association provides a forum for discussion, initiatives and proposals by international businesses to promote improved integration of human rights into business policies and practices by the implementation of due diligence processes.

Launched in 2006, edh was modeled on Business Leaders Initiative on Human Rights (2003-2009), which was created with the aim of providing appropriate responses to address human rights issues. Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and former United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner, was the Director of BLIHR.

At edh, our goal is to improve the way in which businesses understand and take into account: 

The human rights challenges faced by member companies in their business activities,

The provisions included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and associated covenants,

The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights conceived by John Ruggie.

Edh adopts an approach based on continuous progress and improving practices: sharing experiences and good practices, developing tools (training tools in particular), and participating in projects conducted in France and internationally with a focus on how to integrate human rights into business management tools. Today the work is focused on the operationalization of due diligence approaches.